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Wise Man's Grandchild (賢者の孫 Kenja no Mago) is an anime series based on the light novels of the same name. An anime adaptation of the series was announced in September 2017.[1] The anime, which was later confirmed to air on television, is directed by Masafumi Tamura and written by Tatsuya Takahashi, featuring animation by Silver Link with character designs by Yuki Sawairi and music by wikipedia:Kow Otani.[2] The series premiered on April 10, 2019 on AT-X, ABC, Tokyo MX and BS11.[3] i☆Ris will perform the series opening' theme song "Ultimate☆Magic", while Nanami Yoshi will perform the series' ending theme song "Attōteki Vivid Days."[4] Funimation has licensed the series, and will produce a dub as it airs.[5]


Funimation describes the adaptation of Tsuyoshi Yoshioka's fantasy novel series Kenja no Mago:

A young man dies in a car accident and is reborn in a magical new world. The old, yet wise Merlin finds the boy, names him Shin, raises him from infancy, and teaches him combat and powerful magic along the way. 15 years later, Shin is ready to travel the globe on his own, but Merlin forgot to teach him something major—common sense!



Director: Masafumi Tamura
Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
Original creator: Tsuyoshi Yoshioka
Original Character Design: Seiji Kikuchi
Character Design: Yuki Sawairi
Theme Song Performance: i☆Ris (OP)

ADR Director: Clifford Chapin
ADR Script: Aaron Dismuke

ADR Engineer: Manuel Aragon
ADR Script Supervisor: Bonny Clinkenbeard
Mix Engineer: Adrian Cook


Yūsuke Kobayashi as Shin Wolford

Arisa Shida as Toll von Flegel
Chiaki Kobayashi as Tony Freyd
Gara Takashima as Melida Bowen
Juri Nagatsuma as Yuri Carlton
Keisuke Koumoto as Julius von Littenheim
Megumi Yamaguchi as Lynn Hughes
Miyu Kubota as Alice Corner
Rina Hon'izumi as Sicily von Claude
Saya Satō as Olivia Stone
Shohei Komatsu as August von Earlshide
Shouta Hayama as Mark Bean
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Oliver Schtrom
Yūki Wakai as Maria von Messina
Yūsaku Yara as Merlin Wolford

Daman Mills as Shin Wolford

Cynthia Cranz as Melida Bowen
Katelyn Barr as Maria von Messina
R Bruce Elliott as Merlin Wolford

Alison Viktorin as Shin Wolford (young)
Austin Tindle as Merlin Wolford (young)



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