Christina Hayden is one of the Imperial Knights and acts as Diseum von Earlshide's escort.


Christina, as Shin describes, is a lady in her early twenties who has a head of red hair and ties into a ponytail, and light-brown eyes. She always wears an armor that doesn’t obstruct her movement, and has a firm and slender body. Because she is a very serious and a stubborn person, she has big eyes and a cute face, and also has various demerits.


Christina was rarely seen laughing. Nevertheless, she is a kind person but regrettably an unsociable one. Siegfried and Christina often bicker Whenever they meet and is often scolded by Melinda and Michel to not fight in front of Shin.

She possesses an anxiety over not being feminine enough.


Christina Hayden attended the Knight Military Training Academy. While there she found that no boy found her attractive.


Christina was present during Shin's 15th birthday. She was shocked, alongside everyone else at Shin's ignorance.


As a member of the Imperial Knights and one of King Diseum's escorts, Christina is obviously very powerful among the knights in the Earlshide Kingdom.


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